C.Brucella Ab Test kit

C.Brucella Ab Test kit

1. Explanation of the Test

Canine brucellosis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria of the genus Brucella canis. The Anigen Rapid C. Brucella Ab Test Kit is an immunoassay for the qualitative detection of canine Brucella antibody in its entirety blood, plasma or serum.

The Anigen Rapid C. Brucella Ab Test Kit has a letter of T and C like “Test Line ”and“ Control line ”on the surface of the kit. Both the “Test Line” and The “Control Line” in the results window is not visible before applying the samples. The “Control lines” is used for procedural control. The control line should always appear if this procedure is successful and the control line test reagents are working.

A purple “Test Line” will be visible in the results window if there are enough Antibodies against Brucella canis in the sample.
The specially selected Brucella canis antigen is used in the test and as a capture and detector materials. These allow the Anigen Rapid C. Brucella Ab Test Kit to identify Brucella canis antibodies in samples, with a high degree of precision.

2. Materials Provided

The Anigen Rapid C. Brucella Ab Test Kit contains the following items to perform the essay.

1) Ten (10) Anigen Rapid C. Brucella Ab Test Kits
2) One (1) bottle of Assay Diluent
3) Ten (10) capillary tubes per 10 ul
4) One (1) instructions for use

3. Precautions

1) For in vitro diagnostic use only.
2) Do not eat or smoke while handling the samples.
3) Wear protective gloves while handling samples. Wash your hands well later.
4) Avoid splashing or aerosol formation.
5) Clean spills thoroughly with a suitable disinfectant.
6) Decontaminate and discard all samples, reaction kits and potentially contaminated materials, in a biohazard container.
7) Do not use the test kit if the bag is damaged or the seal is broken.


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