Scientific Objectives

  • To find efficient biomarkers from heterogeneous patient data and integrate them for making early diagnosis and progress monitoring of AD more efficient, reliable and objective.
  • To improve the cost-effectiveness of AD diagnostics by optimising diagnostic protocols.

Technical Objectives

    • To develop an efficient and reliable software solution that a physician can use to assess the risk, to diagnose and to monitor the progress of AD in real clinical conditions using heterogeneous data.


    • To develop a strictly evidence-based statistical framework, via precise modeling of heterogeneous data, which allows objective AD diagnostics.


  • To develop data quantification methods for AD meeting various critical clinical requirements, including accuracy and computation time.

Expected Results

  • For scientific community

    Knowledge on novel biomarkers and their optimal combination in the early diagnosis and progress monitoring of AD.
  • For clinicians

    Software solution for clinical practice allowing earlier diagnosis and better progress monitoring in AD.
    Optimized diagnostic procedures.
  • For companies

    New methods for AD diagnostics potentially opening new and significant markets.
  • For European citizen

    Earlier diagnosis of AD leading to better quality of life.